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HAKEEMY (here and after referred to as “HAKEEMY” or “we” or “our” and includes the website and the application) is committed to maintain the security and privacy policies for HAKEEMY users.

Whether an individual (means an ordinary user who wishes to take advantage of the services provided by HAKEEMY), or a doctor, or a health facility, or a medical facility, here and after referred to as the “User” or “You.

Websites accessed through links through HAKEEMY are not covered by this policy and the user is responsible for accessing these sites as each website has its own policy. 

By using our website and application, you agree to accept the terms and conditions below

And confirm your commitment to and compliance with these terms and conditions. 

 These terms and conditions apply when you use our website or application. 

HAEEMY has made all necessary technical, legal, and regulatory measures to protect user data from loss or unauthorized access.

However, HAKEEMY does not guarantee that third parties will not be able to bypass Hakeemy’s privacy policy and access your personal data or use it for illegal purposes.

And so, you acknowledge that HAKEEMY is not responsible in case that occurs and that you are entering your data on your own responsibility. 

HAKEEMY has the right to delete any content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties when it considers it appropriate.

And HAKEEMY has the right to cancel the account of any user who violates the intellectual property rights of others. 

HAKEEMY may use users data for the purpose of conducting certain studies such as marketing studies and HAKEEMY may publish such studies. 

The conduct of studies using the user data obliges us not to use personal names or usernames during these studies and HAKEEMY is not entitled to publish any personal name or any username or anything indicating any person or his establishment to other parties, except what required by law, or with a written approval from the user.