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About “محمد المحمود”


Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon 


Orthopedics & Physiotherapy


Arthroscopy : Knee , Shoulder ,Ankle and Spine ( Endospine , Destandua Method),. ( ACL Reconstruction ,PAM, OATS, RF Co-ablation, Anchors, Subacromial Decompression, Destandau Endospine since 2006,and Percutaneus Disc Nucleoplasty :2005 )

Spinal Surgeon : Harrington’s , Clamps , Pedical Screws ,EndoSpine (Destandau) Microendoscopic Disectomy , Percutaneous Nucleoplasty ,Cervical & LumboSacral .

Trauma Surgeon ( Plating , Intramedullary Nailing , DHS, Ilizarov , AO External Fixator , ) ( 2 wars : 1st and 2end Gulf Wars ).

Orthopedic Surgeon : Hip Arthroplasty ,Knee Arthroplasty, DDH. Osteotomy , Hallux Surgery , Spinal Deformity Correction .

A Known Speaker in Orthopedic Surgery Internationally, Regionally and Locally .

General Secretary of Emirates Osteoporosis Society , elected December 2010 till date.



  • Member of NeuroScience Society of Emirates , Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Member of Emirates Orthopedic Surgeons.
  • Member of International Iraq Medical Association .Sharjah.
  • Member of Iraq Orthopedic Association.
  • Member of Iraq Medical Association.
  • Member of Kurdistan Doctor Syndicate.
  • SICOT member since 2005 till dates.


  • Computerized Statistical Study design for Surgical Orthopedic Audit, the first one in Al-Tahrer ( Porte) General Hospital, Basra, Iraq.1997.(in Arabic)
  • An attempt to Translate in Arabic (Apley’s System in Orthopedic and Fractures)
  • Manipulative Usage of different Instruments in Orthopedic Surgery.
  • Frequent speaker in CME and other parties regarding public medical education locally in AlAin (Osteoporosis, OA, RA, Spinal Surgery, Arthroscopy, Wrist's Fractures ,DDH, Cervical Spondylosis, Cerebral Palsy)
  • Published Poster; Pan Arabic Orthopedic Association 1999, Beirut , Lebanon.
  • Published Poster : SICOT & Pan Arab Orthopedic Association Conference – Dubai 2012, (Destandau Endospine. In Treatment of Lumbar Spine Diseases).





English and Arabic 

  • Mohammed AlMahmood Ortho-Spine Consultation Clinic : Working in My Clinic – AlAin Main Street, Flat 22 Floor 2, Al Hayath Center Building – AlAin city , UAE. From 1/12/2009 till now.
  • Head of Orthopedic Department. (1/4/2002 to 6/10/2009 ) in Specialized Medi 

Offered Services

جراحة العظام و المفاصل
جراحة العظام و المفاصل


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