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About “باولو سيلوكو”

M.D., Ph.D.

Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon 


Orthopedics & Physiotherapy



Dr. Paolo Cellocco’s main activity has been focused on both clinical and research fields for more than 15 years experience in orthopaedic surgery. His experience has been based on University hospitals, Community hospitals, and private practice as well, in Rome area, Italy. He received extensive training in trauma surgery, major joints replacement surgery, lumbar spine surgery, and degenerative hand surgery, whereas knee arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction were also a field of great interest. Dr. Cellocco has also studied new techniques in Knee arthroplasty which have been included in his Doctoral thesis.  Sports trauma has also been a field of interest during his experience with the senior Italian National Basketball representatives (2008-2010), both male and female.  Dr. Paolo Cellocco authored and co-authored more than 30 international papers, including original research articles on international peer-reviewed journals. He spoke in more than 40 national and international meetings as well. Since October 2016 he is in charge as Head of Rehabilitation Department in Canadian Specialist Hospital.


  • Medical Degree (University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, Italy) – 1999
  • Degree Thesis Study performed at Laboratory of Experimental Orthopaedics – Universidad de Navarra – Pamplona (Spain) – 1997-1998
  • Specialization Diploma in Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma at University of L’Aquila – Italy – 2004
  • Ph.D. Doctorate at University of Rome “La Sapienza” – Italy – 2011
  • GMC (UK) – 2015


  • SIOT (ITA)
  • ESSKA Membership





English, Italian 

  • Hip and Knee Arthroplasty (both primary and revision replacement)
  • Shoulder Arthroplasty (Primary) 
  • Trauma: treatment of most closed and open fractures using either conservative or surgical approach. Plating and intramedullary nailing are commonly used, requiring External Fixation only on occasion. Mostly experienced in shoulder fractures, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand; hip fractures (not pelvic), femur, knee, tibia, ankle, foot.
  • Knee Arthroscopy (ACL reconstruction, Meniscal tears, Patellofemoral maltracking, Cartilage treatment)
  • Lumbar Spine Surgery, either open, or percutaneous in selected cases. Can address several conditions such as disc prolapse, vertebral instability, spinal stenosis, osteoporothic fractures.
  • Hand degenerative surgery (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dupuytren’s disease, De Quervain’s disease)
  • Endorthosis for flatfoot in children
  • Joint and paratendinous injections (shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot)
  • Nonsurgical Scoliosis treatment for children

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